About Us

Our company has existed since 1974 and the second generation is active in this industry. Our enthusiastic team carries out all work with diligence and sweat to your complete satisfaction. As a competent specialist company, we offer you a comprehensive range of services.

Correct and punctual work is our standard. We are always at your side to advise you, inform you about every step of our work on the construction site, show presence and explain the procedures that we have adapted for you. This enables us to find exactly the right solution for you. Whether screed elements, flowing screed, forms of concrete laying or a classic variant of screed, in search of a screed layer, you have found it with us.

Principles of our Work

  • Flexibility
  • Quick site visit
  • Quick quotation
  • Prompt installation
  • High quality

Quality Standards and Prices

Creating with our hands gives us pleasure. It fills us with pride every time a screed installation is completed and we look into the satisfied faces of our customers. With the laying of the screed, the new home takes another milestone.
Screed prices or answering the question “How much will 1sqm of screed cost me?” depends on the size of the area and the location. Each screed requires its own formula. Therefore, please contact us, we will be happy to visit you for a free consultation.

Alp Aslan Cakir
Alp Aslan Cakir

Construction manager/owner

Managing Director

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