Man in orange workclothes sandblasting concrete surface with airpressure hose. Photographed from above.

Blasting Technology for Professional Surface Preparation

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Would you like to have your floor surfaces professionally cleaned as part of a floor renovation? Or would you like to have a surface preparation carried out for the laying of a new screed or concrete floor? Are you looking for a service provider for cleaning floor surfaces such as interior walls, concrete, screed, stone or wood?

We provide mechanical surface treatment with our blasting techniques. The methods used, such as shot blasting, sand blasting, high-pressure water blasting and dry ice blasting, are selected for the requirements you specify. As a specialist in screed laying, surface treatment, floor coatings as well as the removal of asbestos in screed floors, we offer qualified services in the field of floor renovation.


For the surface preparation of floor coatings, floor coverings as well as screed and concrete floors, the use of shot blasting is one of the most frequently used methods. The use of shot blasting ensures the removal of cement slurries, coatings, old paint, adhesive residues, dirt and also rust. The result is a fine, roughened surface that offers optimal adhesion for further processing steps such as floor coatings or bonded screeds. Especially for the treatment of large floor surfaces such as in industrial halls, the use of shot blasting can be an economical alternative to screed removal.


The use of sandblasting is ideal for cleaning facades such as dirt on walls, but also for exposing damaged areas during floor renovations or surfaces that are difficult to access. By removing dirt, plaster, paint and varnish residues, the natural condition of surfaces such as screed, concrete, steel or wood is restored and optimally prepared for direct further processing. This method is also frequently used for renovations in outdoor areas such as terraces. The advantages lie in the applicability to almost all surfaces of interior and exterior areas, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the preservation of the material’s own basic substances.

High-Pressure water blasting

Another method for the surface treatment of screed, concrete and industrial floors is the use of high-pressure water blasting. The equipment used for this purpose can heat its water content up to 100 °C and thus achieve excellent cleaning results. Due to the high water pressure, even very stubborn dirt such as paint, rubber, varnish, rust or coating residues can be removed without creating dust. The advantages of this method are both the high surface and cleaning performance and the gentle treatment of the substrate, as secondary cracks can be largely excluded. Also due to the low noise emission, this method is suitable for use in an ongoing operation such as in warehouses or industrial halls.

Dry-Ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is a common method for the gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces, as well as narrow spaces or ceiling treatments. Due to the nature of the dry ice, the material used assumes a gaseous state during the blasting process, so that no abrasive particles are released during processing. The intended areas of application are surfaces such as concrete, plastic, stone, metal and wood. The dry ice blasting method can also be used for exterior surfaces such as the gentle cleaning of facades without damaging the facade insulation. The advantages of this cleaning method lie in the simplicity of handling and the avoidance of substances that are harmful to health or the environment.

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