Calciumsulfatestrich (CE) / Anhydritestrich (AE)
Calciumsulfatestrich (CE) / Anhydritestrich (AE)

Calcium sulfate screed / Anhydrite screed

Calcium sulfate screed is mixed with binders based on calcium sulfate. Calcium sulfate screed, formerly often known as anhydrite screed, is characterized by its ability to withstand high pressure, flexibility, pliability and tensile strength. Calcium sulfate screed can be walked on relatively quickly after installation and gently only after a very short drying time.

From today’s point of view, calcium sulfate screed can be summarized as the following screed types: conventional anhydrite screeds, natural anhydrite flowing screeds, REA anhydrite flowing screeds, synthetic anhydrite flowing screeds, mixed forms.