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Are you looking for a company to remove screed and concrete floors in preparation for a floor renovation? You would like to level your screed and concrete floor with milling work for the subfloor preparation of a bonded screed or a new floor coating?

We take care of the depth removal for your subfloor preparation and remove traces of cement slurry or sinter layers in the process. After levelling the screed and concrete surfaces, a bonding bridge is used to create the optimum basis for further floor construction measures such as laying bonded screed or floor coatings. As a specialist in screed laying, surface finishing, floor coatings as well as the removal of asbestos in screed floors, we offer qualified services in the field of floor renovation.

The most important reasons for concrete and screed milling

For severely damaged screed and concrete floors, milling is one of the invasive interventions in the building fabric. Particularly in the context of concrete renovation, friable layers, contamination due to adhesive residues or unevenness are removed by deep removal. The result is a load-bearing and adhesive substrate for the subsequent screed construction. With the help of layer removal, both large-scale levelling and floor lowering can be carried out without any problems.

Our solution for your milling work

Our team will be happy to take on your milling work for the removal of damaged concrete and screed floors for the preparation of concrete surfaces in industrial construction and for private households. The milling services we offer include the removal and proper disposal of any construction debris.

If you have any questions about milling work, screed removal or screed laying, it is best to contact us at or make an appointment with our team by calling +49 (0)172 74 39 840.