Screed Laying Techniques


Bonded Screed

In the case of high loads and if there are no other specific requirements for impact sound and thermal insulation, a bonded screed is usually used.

Bonded Screed

Heated Screed

Heating screed is a floating screed in which heating elements and pipe coils for heating systems (underfloor heating) are installed.

Heating Screed

Floating Screed

Floating screed is the floor structure on the insulation layer, which consists of thermal insulation and impact sound insulation.

Floating Screed

Screed On Seperating Layer

Screed on a separating layer is used where sound insulation or thermal insulation is not required and a bonded screed does not find an approach.

Screed On Seperating Layer

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Screed Types


Cement Screed

The most common is the use of cement screed. It consists of cement, screed sand, often additives and water

Calcium Sulfate Screed

Calcium sulfate screed or anhydrite screed is mixed with binders, which are based on calcium sulfate

Lightweight Insulating Screed

Lightweight insulating screeds or thermocellular screeds are used in particular as a leveling layer

Rapid Screed

Rapid screed is always used when things have to be done quickly and is therefore ready for occupancy after 72 hours

Flowing Screed

High quality flowing screed is popular because it is self-leveling and can be laid with a small thickness

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Screed Removal

Surface finishing in industrial, commercial or private construction

Man in orange workclothes sandblasting concrete surface with airpressure hose. Photographed from above.

Blasting technology

Shot blasting, dry ice blasting, sand blasting, high pressure blasting for surface treatment of walls or substrate preparation of concrete or screed floors.

Blasting Technology
Concrete Milling Machine

Screed and concrete milling

Milling work to remove damaged concrete and screed floors for subfloor restoration or surface finishing in industrial, commercial or residential areas.

Screed and concrete milling
Construction worker using machine polishing surface floor smoothing and finishing hardener or epoxy concrete in the factory.

Screed grinding work

Professional grinding of screed floors for the preparation of floor coverings and removal of materials containing asbestos according to TRGS 519 BT-40.

Screed grinding work
A construction worker uses a power concrete grinder for removing tile glue and resin during renovation work

Remove flooring

Dismantling of floor coverings such as ceramic or stone tiles, laminate, parquet, PVC and rolled goods for subfloor preparation of screed floor renovations.

Remove flooring

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Floor Coatings